Unusual eating habitats

Yesterday our peregrines had themselves a most unusual meal – a buff-banded rail. This is a rather beautiful, but very secretive water bird that skulks in the reeds all day and hardly ever flies. So how Beau or Swift managed to catch it is a complete mystery.

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  1. Hi Scott/ Cilla,
    Thought it about time i catch up and ask a question. Regarding diet, are you still able to collect their regurgitated pellets and have these analysed. I recall there was a service for this with a nominal fee for each pellet analysis?
    Cheers, Ian

    1. Hi Ian,
      sorry no reply for so long; just catching up! I went up the tower this afternoon (see today’s post) and managed to get a full bag of contents from the eyrie itself. I’ll pass this over to Cilla for analysis. Not the most glamorous of roles!
      Chat soon,

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