No sign is a good sign

Another trip out to campus today on “falcon-watch” but no signs of life to speak of. Knowing Solo and her recent escapades all three will be out on hunting exercises in the field, which they are prone to do whilst the young is still learning. Our confidence in Solo’s abilities has improved after her local ‘catch’ the other day.

With some luck we can only hope they managed to find some cover as a big electrical storm (and yes, surprise, more rain!) was just about to pass over Orange – 7.7mm (0.3″) in 30 minutes and so far no local lightning strikes reported.

The other day a maintenance run/climb was overdue so myself and Project supporter, Nigel, climbed the Concrete Hilton and managed to clean all eyrie windows. The young stealth falcon had quietly left about a half hour prior and Swift took up brief residence but by the time we’d reached the top and checked on occupants Solo had again quietly returned under the cover of the very loud water tank refilling below our feet (water is pumped down from the Orange town water supply regularly in to the tower). Long-practiced minimal disturbance procedures failed to placate Solo and she flew a few circuits of the tower before landing up on the roof and then heading away. Impressive resulting photos can be viewed to the left in the “Fledgling Solo” photo gallery. Mission accomplished, windows much cleaner, clean bill of health for the box itself, close-up photos of Solo, and away. Thanks to Nigel for his help!

With post-‘New Year’ campus activity commencing again on Tuesday we should be back to more regular posts and news and photos.

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  1. Please convey my thanks to Nigel for the lovely photos of Solo. Our girl looks like she is adapting to life with one leg and my hopes remain that she experiences a good life.
    Happy New Year to all, including Swift, Beau and most especially Solo.

  2. Wonderful photos of Solo taken by Scott & Nigel, in the “Fledgling Solo” Gallery! Thank you so much! What a beautiful bird she is! So sorry to hear about all the rain in Orange!

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