Dinner is proving hard to find

In the middle of a very wet week in Orange (ref. weather links down to the right) it seems dinner on the wing is proving a challenge. This morning Swift has been quietly sheltering on the microwave dish arm again, away from the worst of the rain, but Solo seems to have been more occupied in the trees. Mid-morning we witnessed a fast-moving Beau fly around past the trees, with a nagging and hungry Solo in hot pursuit (although losing ground to dad on each circuit). She’s visibly bigger than Beau in flight and as yet doesn’t have the strength to keep up. No food was seen, although that might’ve already been sitting back on the peregrine’s feeding branch.

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    1. Hi Carly!
      It’s just after lunchtime (human version!) as I write this and there’s some chatter going on in the trees. Swift has been up in the eyrie for a short while (video uploading later this evening) but has headed down to the trees for a look with her offspring. It seems dinner is served. The incessant rain has eased off a bit so maybe this has finally meant some “aerial” food has become available. With the nagging going on I’d say Beau and Swift have no choice but to part with food!! We’ll try to monitor the regularity of meals as best we can out in the trees.


      P.S. as I write there’s some level of aerial display going on with Solo as ever chasing dad around the tower and over the trees in “figure 8” manoevures while Swift sits serenely on the microwave dish arm. Amusing to hear the complaining going on!

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