Another week, another wet day

This week they’re predicting rain every day for Orange so it will be a lean time for hunting on the wing. Consequently we’ll probably get to see lots of Solo hanging out on the ledge. Swift seems happy to shelter (as best one can do) on the microwave dish around the corner while Beau is out on the prowl again.

We caught a brief and stunted few video moments this morning of Solo getting ratty with some flies in the eyrie and taking it out on what looks like an old bone – maybe that’s what one can term “cabin fever”! Will edit and make available soon…

Solo getting 'cabin fever'

2 thoughts

  1. Personally, I’d consider it preferable to be sitting pretty, high and dry, snapping at flies and waiting to be served dinner and suffering ‘cabin fever’ in the concrete Hilton than battling that marauding mass of those wretched mozzies down below in the soggy scrub (the itching has recently ceased, thanks).
    Solo looks well Scott, but I have wondered at how frequently she’s been fed. The tenderised galah would’ve been a treat; is this common fare and have you witnessed other species being offered on the menu…and do you know if she’s ever missed a day’s feeding?

    1. Hi Lydie,
      yes, those mozzies were killers; not a good look those red welts!

      It’s hard to tell on some days how the feeding regime is going as it’s all done outside in the trees now, and with Solo being such a quiet chick we can’t always tell when dinner has arrived. She seems to be doing OK and is putting on some muscle too; ideal for long distance flights soon. In general we can witness maybe 2-3 feedings per day but it will depend on weather and how clever Beau has been. Slow-moving pink galahs are the main course but we can go days watching just the likes of starlings and blackbirds (great for the local vineyards). I believe Cilla has seen a rosella on the menu but it appears to be an exception.


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