Just checking …

Solo is still there in the eyrie this morning but Swift is up on the top of the tower again maintaining a vigil over her offspring, in readiness. Which may pose a scary problem if Solo takes off and doesn’t quite make it to the trees as we’ll be down in the long grass to retrieve her and take her back up the tower…. all with Swift zero-ing in on our heads!

42 day old Solo checking us out

For anyone interested we’ve finally put up a Donations module (down the right hand column). As mentioned previously, all contributions will go to our equipment upgrades with the intention of bringing live video to the Internet as soon as we can, most probably via the University data network. Currently we’re an entirely voluntary group but our modest financial target will provide us with superb HD quality, world-standard results and set us up as a possible future research project. For now though we will be more than happy to be able to broadcast live video for everyone to enjoy what we’ve been able to enjoy for the last couple of years. We all feel privileged to have been allowed a glimpse inside the lives of an amazing creature that is the peregrine falcon. A very BIG thankyou to all contributors!!!

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