Hearts in mouths today

Today a very bored and frustrated Solo has provided us with many “heart in mouth” moments. With good space in the eyrie she’s been able to strengthen her wings with relative freedom, but has also taken to launching herself across the space with recklessness. Swift and Beau have, at times today, both stayed up on top of the tower, no doubt trying to encourage Solo out, but this constant showery weather has put off any external movement. 41 days old and the world is looking very inviting. We waited all day, with many false starts, but tomorrow could well be fledging day at this rate. A happy and sad day for all of us.

The mad flapping prepares Solo

A treat today with a series of video clips taken during Solo’s crazier moments. The first one gives us an extreme close-up of a chick intrigued with the camera, the second clip shows Solo attacking some food, and the next three in series show Solo getting a little nutty and interacting with her elders (1st – 4 minutes, 2nd4 minutes, and 3rd2 minutes long, but well worth watching!). Low light outside gave us a good quality image finally (cheap camera considering).

A big thanks to colleague John Godschalk for keeping an eye on our charge recently. He shares a similar medical condition to us right now with heart shifted in to mouth ….

Solo prepares for future flight

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  1. She’s just adorable! It’s interesting how they look into the cam so curiously..makes you wonder if don’t have a sixth sense – like we do – about being watched!

    1. Hi Carly!
      When we built this box model we judged the height and distance to place the camera windows to keep away from the “poo-line” and prying birds. Even at this level Solo was able to nibble at the perspex!! When the box is vacant we’ll insert some measuring markers.
      She’ll leave us any time now….


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