The long wait ….

Solo is nearly ready to go now and is showing lots of signs indicating the itch is growing. Each time the head goes down to have a rest it’s an inch closer to being over the ledge. Plenty of flapping and bouncing around, and is very confident in taking food off both parents now to try eating. Not always successful but from now on we’ll see less feeding by the parents and more reliance on Solo doing the work. This will play out over the next few weeks when flying and resting in the local trees, until the new falcon takes to the skies on training runs over the next few months.

The spare blanket is in the car and ready for any mishaps with gravity for Solo.

We’re missing the audio of what’s going on up the Concrete Hilton but that’s in the new equipment package which we’re currently raising funds for.

One major advantage of this new box this season has happily been the total lack of a need to climb the tower in shifts to sneak in to the box and “de-poo” the windows, which was a major issue last year with 3 chicks. This time the improved design – learnt through plenty of observation – has meant the windows have stayed basically poo-free, with only the odd weather marks recorded. This lack of intrusion has no doubt also benefitted the occupant/s with a stress-free run.

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