A ‘featherstorm’

Poor young Solo is inundated with feathers from previous dinners at the moment, and probably because of the shape of the new peregrine apartment in the Concrete Hilton they’re not getting blown out as easily, even on windy days. Solo is learning how to cope though and with each mad flapping episode more feathers head for the sky.

With each passing hour the chick is edging closer to the ledge, and it’s becoming more terrifying to watch as the feet get closer, and then over, the small ledge. With flight due in the next few days we hope Solo has logged a maiden flight plan with air traffic control! We will be monitoring over this weekend to ensure there are no accidents like last year when the 2nd male jumped too early.

38 day old Solo, pensive

P.S. It appears the photo slideshow to the right is working again. If it’s not working for you send us a comment on the Contact Us form down to the right. We may also have some news in the next couple of days about a Donations module in here as well for anyone who would like to contribute to our voluntary efforts. Stay tuned…

3 thoughts

  1. I can hardly believe that the photo posted above is really Solo! He/she is almost looking like an adult! We’ll be holding our breath over here in Canada, watching and waiting for a successful fledge.

    Slide show is working for us here in Winnipeg…
    Thank you!

  2. Love checking in on the latest happenings with Solo. In regards to your nest box, have you ever considered adding an outside ledge? Thought this might give more room for wingercizing as well as allowing the chick(s) to be outside and not toppling directly from the box. Fingers crossed for a safe weekend and no early takeoffs!

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thanks for the idea on the outside ledge. We’ve indeed got that in the wings (so to speak) and have a basic design ready to go. A little tougher to erect, now that the new box is already in place, but that will be factored in. Certainly it will give any future chicks more confidence to go outside earlier than waiting on the window ledge. There’s a vague possibility of the outside rail also giving us another camera angle possibility, but that’s going to be tougher with the lack of access to anywhere outside the window. Have a look at last year’s archives on how the batch of 3 coped in the smaller box (about this time of year, in months)!! How they did it without falling out we don’t know but somehow they all made it. We’ve already seen big advantages in Eyrie #2, ironically with only 1 chick this season e.g. to be able to spread wings properly.

      Fledge watch weekend has begun……


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