Some new video clips

A couple of new video clips of Solo and events in the eyrie. First one is of Solo and some very early upright steps. A little unsteady still but it’s not far to go over to the far corner near the ledge. It appears both parents are aware of this new-found adventure and regularly can be seen monitoring the ledge when Solo is on the move.

The other video clip shows feeding time with a particularly bothersome main course, proving tough to provide bite size pieces (not for the squeamish). Long at 3 minutes but Solo is beginning to have a go at the food now, although still without the beak strength to make much of a difference at 22 days old.

First steps

3 thoughts

  1. Solo is such a beautiful chick. Thank you so much for reporting on this family’s progress and your stewardship of this nest site.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Mick!
      As some have said it’s a face only a mother would love, but we think Solo is pretty special too. We feel very privileged to be able to secretly watch this peregrine family. Equally to be able to share what we see and learn with everyone else too. Good to know we’re also playing our part in increasing the gene pool too.
      With current fund-raising efforts we should be able to improve our capability soon, with better vision and the introduction of audio.
      Keep in touch…

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