More coverage on Prime TV News tonight

Hayley and the wonderful team at Prime TV News Orange came out today to film a brief interview outlining our gallant chick Solo and the fund-raising push we’re undertaking at the moment. We’re currently a small (but enthusiastic!) voluntary group, running this project with existing equipment and in a limited format. We’d love to be able to upgrade to better quality cameras, recording & monitoring equipment, and ultimately bring to everyone live web streamed cameras to a web page for all to see. All funds we raise, and awareness we create, right now is going entirely towards these objectives.

The Prime TV News interview can be found here …

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  1. Excellent news coverage and interview with Scott! My Kindergarten students here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada were thrilled to see what Scott looks like! And of course,they are glad that Scott and Cilla and the rest of the team are watching out for Solo!

    1. Thanks Kathy and class, great to hear from you again! We normally get Cilla to do all our media work, so it was a little scary. We were hoping to get the website address out to more local viewers but they didn’t include it in the broadcast. We did actually mention yourself and the class in the interview but they only had a minute to fit everything in so missed lots of stuff out – sorry! We could put photos up somewhere of the 3-4 of us involved but not sure if we’re pretty enough to do that!! We’d love to see a photo of the kindergarten class too, if you get the chance. Might be able to load it up to the website!!

      Thanks again and keep watching; things will become more active soon, as those feathers develop and the wings grow stronger; then it will be tough to keep Solo in there until truly ready to leave (after we had to retrieve one of the males last year because he jumped a day too early!).

  2. Hi again from Winnipeg, Canada, Scott! My Kindergarten students were “over the moon” to hear that you gave them mention in your news interview about Solo! They are thinking that they are rather famous now! Unfortunately, I will not be able to send you a photo of them to post on your website, but they do talk about you and Solo often. And they would love to see a photo of you and Cilla and your team!

    1. Hi Kinderchick and Kinderchicklets!! We tried to include mention of the class on TV but they ran out of space. I’ve emailed our team here (totalling 4 of us) for photos so with any luck we can load them up to the website soon. It will be like a class roll call!


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