Leaps and bounds (almost)

Today is another fine but cool day in Orange, with seemingly no lasting effects from the spring snow flurries on Saturday. Solo is beginning to show lots of vertical growth now, and two benchmarks today have been observed (may have happened before but noticed extensively this morning). Firstly there’s a video clip of Solo taking a first walk, or waddle, away from the nest itself towards the camera (video available here), and now the self-preening has begun. At one stage we watched as both Swift and Solo both preened themselves together. All part of growing up.

Day 13 - Solo about to waddle from the nest spot

Dad also took a turn miniding this afternoon but seems to be struggling with both Solo’s size and his exact role in the eyrie. Funny stuff watching Beau trying to cope with an attentive Solo here ….!

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    1. Hi Carly,

      yes we had a similar reaction when watching Beau trying to work out what to do with the ever-growing Solo. He seemed ever so happy when Swift arrived back shortly afterwards!

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