Quiet weekend for the peregrines

Due to all members of the FalconCam Project team being involved in Orange’s Biodiversity Day at Orange Botanic Gardens this weekend  we weren’t able to monitor the birds, but back to it again tomorrow. We did check on them yesterday remotely during the really impressive snow storm and from the ledge camera we could see they were truly  “hunkered down” at the back of the eyrie, well sheltered from the snow flurries and very strong wind gusts. They should consider themselves very lucky up in the ‘Concrete Hilton’, away from most of the rain and elements.

We officially unveiled our 23.5 minute FalconCam Project movie today at the Biodiversity Day and general reaction from the public was very positive. With a couple of requests for copies we’re going to have to discuss the legalities of making it available, but at this stage it’s entirely in-house due to the soundtrack copyrights. We’re working on it! Our next public ‘appearance’ will hopefully be at the Australian National Field Days (at Borenore, just outside of Orange) this week. Catch us at the Nature Conservation Trust and CMA stands!

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    1. Hi Carly,
      yes, spring snow with a storm that’s flooded country & done lots of damage further south than here. But the Concrete Hilton has provided safe, secure and relatively dry surroundings for this lucky peregrine family. We’d like to think it’s helped in a fairly successful fledging average too!
      Thanks for watching 🙂

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