Is this new life?

Mum just flew off to receive lunch from her partner who’s been very good in keeping up the food supply. We can hear them in the trees calling to each other, each time he returns with food to their favourite branch. Mum flew down and we caught a glimpse of the egg with what appears to be an egg tooth pip in the shell. If this is indeed the beginning then we may expect a full hatching in the next day or so (either that or it was suggested the adults may have painted a happy face on the shell for the camera – thanks John!).

First sign of life?

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  1. We are saying goodbye to our peregrines as they migrate to the sunny south for the winter. It is wonderful to see your site and share the delight in seeing a new season about to begin. Thank you very much for the updates!
    bcbird (Canada)

    1. Thanks Diane,
      your interest is appreciated. Yes, it’s the hard bit – the empty nest syndrome! Great that we are all helping the worldwide cause to bring these beautiful birds back from their “at risk” status. We’re at an exciting stage again, albeit with only one egg surviving this season. Any time now……
      Keep in touch, kind regards …..

    2. Hi Diane,
      Thanks for your interest and following. It’s interesting to see how some individuals (& couples) migrate and others don’t, depending on their region and the climate. Makes it all the more interesting! Our adult pair will probably stay with us for the duration, even though our winters in Orange are really cold. Sounds like it’ll be great to see the familiar faces (and voices) in your new spring again. Thanks again….. Scott…..

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