Activity around the tower today

Lots of aerial movement and goings-on around the tower today with both young males harassing mum for supposed lunch. It appeared that mum had left lunch somewhere in the trees and the two young males were nagging her, circling the tower, checking the roost and then darting into the trees, while mum sat patiently on the microwave dish mount around the side of the tower watching them.

Interestingly 2 days ago we observed a peregrine looking like Rosie, the young female, being pursued right round the tower and across above the treeline by a much smaller bird who was intent on scaring the peregrine out of its territory, with plenty of “peregrinal” complaining and directional changes! Needless to say when the game finally got boring our peregrine went in to a steep climb and then fell to earth around the trees to finally shake off it’s pursuer.  The game of speed and size had been won!

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