The pattern of life continues

All quiet up the tower since yesterday with dad dropping in occasionally to advise of a food offering which has been left down on a tree branch nearby below. Mum’s doing a sterling job and every 20-25 minutes feels the need to get up and stretch, with only very brief sojourns down into the trees.

Meanwhile dad is still struggling to come to terms with finding the most comfortable position and looks very out of sorts when doing his turn.

… as I write it appears a lone peregrine has attempted a visit, but dad was up there on sky patrol chasing it away while mum stayed put. Maybe it was our Migii coming in for a familiarity run again? The loner headed out north-east with dad in tow briefly, offering warning “talk”,  but after gaining height dad turned, circled over the tower and then headed back out west again in to the sun. All’s quiet once more…

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