The delights of warmer Spring days

Mum’s been restless all morning, with plenty of fidgeting and egg re-adjusting. At about 11.30am dad arrived while mum was perched up on top of the tower and they “spoke” to each other for a minute or so before mum flew off in high altitude small circles and then dad followed her for 2-3 minutes out across the paddocks before returning to check on the batch, and settle in again. One can imagine the “conversation” was about the supply of food for the presiding parent. Close-up photos were just missed; better luck next time. The warmer days are allowing more activity and no doubt a growing food supply too.

Dad flew back in to take his turn minding the blobs but can never settle properly and struggles to attain a comfortable position. Five minutes later mum returned and settled back in with her customary wiggling to mould herself into the gravel.

The changeover; incoming mum (left), outgoing dad (right)
The changeover; incoming mum (left), outgoing dad (right)

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