Things can happen quickly

It seems our new peregrine season has begun rapidly, and around 2 months ahead of last season. It has been suggested that the late nesting season last year (October/November 08) was possibly due to the couple being very new at it!

Mum and Dad are taking a renewed liking to the water tower again and last night both were seen in attendance – mum on the ledge and dad keeping guard way up on top. Maybe this coincides as well with an improved food supply in the region as Spring warms up and the days grow longer again.

Construction of Roost v2.0 is well underway, and after a last-minute frantic redesign the panels are ready to be put together. The new design should provide us with improved camera angles (once we can obtain technical advice from camera suppliers!), less reason to enter the roost to clean camera lenses and also better ingressĀ  to allow for banding, come the time.

A new feature of the site is the visitors map, courtesy of ClustrMaps. Now we can get a better idea of world interest in our peregrines…

… more to come….