No news should be good news

A quiet weekend in the roost, with little visual evidence to report. It seems all three peregrines are using the water tower for its original intentions – as a look-out and place of respite from daily business! Today the only sign of life so far was one early morning report of a young peregrine hanging around the trees at the base of the tower, using somewhat “pleading” tones.

Strangely now every check we make on the two live cameras for signs of movement and life draws a blank; an unusual sight after the last few months of such frenetic activity. Migii will no doubt be concentrating on learning how to slow down fast moving organic objects without crashing into the ground like a comet, as well as learning how to dispatch said objects quickly.

For those of you reading this post today who reside in the Central Tablelands area of NSW watch Prime TV News tonight for further coverage. Hopefully a recording can be made of the interview and linked on to this website soon, courtesy of Prime TV. Once more thanks again to Amy for your interest and support!

Stop Press:- Prime News TV coverage can be viewed here …