The “empty nest” syndrome

Those of us here at Orange campus, and indeed others of our regular viewers will be feeling that “empty nest” syndrome now as today Migii finally “plucked up” the courage to “take the plunge” and leapt off into the world. We arrived at work to find that Migii has just departed for the maiden flight and efforts were immediately undertaken to locate any possible accident carnage around the base of the tower and in the trees. To our delight, and after a couple of further attempts at checking trees, paddocks etc we couldn’t find anything, which must be a good sign. Dad finally returned to the roost and spent most of the day trying to work out what was different and unusual about the nest but eventually settled down and returned to his vigil. Very late in the afternoon though he took off and early in the evening a bird returned, which we believe, under average lighting conditions for the cameras, that Migii is back! After all there’s only one peregrine who insists on standing on the very outside 2 inches of concrete ledge to run back and forwards chasing flies! Colourings and markings have also proved tough to distinguish as well, but tomorrow morning the early easterly light should provide us with better proof.

So it’s been a mixed day – we’re a little sad that we’ll see less of our young’un from now on but it appears to be a highly successful first day on the wing taken place. Limitations with our current camera equipment have shown that we will need to be able to provide video recording capability as well as pictures for the ledge camera. But that’s for next season.

Written records and accounts state that our highly successful hatching this season will dramatically improve our chances of a return by the parents later this year to lay eggs once more. This website will continue to provide coverage of our feathered family so please return for the latest updates; Migii hasn’t left us yet and will be bugging mum and dad for up to a couple of months yet!

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