Peaceful is probably a good sign

We came in today to monitor the events only to find that Migii has resprayed the camera viewing window entirely and it’s as if they’re in fog! Impossible to obtain any good footage at all. An attempt was made very late this afternoon to go up and catch the eyrie “adult-less” but to no avail. Another attempt during Mum’s approximate eating hours after midday tomorrow. It’s about the most reliable pattern of time when Mum is likely to be on the wing, albeit briefly. Later in the day if she goes Dad will stay behind.

Today Mum has spent plenty of time away on her own errands (approx 1.5hrs away as this is written), but will only take off for more than a few minutes if Dad is there to child-mind. And when he ‘s on the job his silent vigil is dignified and persistent until Mum gets back. Migii knows there’ll be no food and little interest, it seems, in any bonding from Dad, but things are safe. Plenty of time looking over the ledge fro Migii today but still too young to make any attempt at balancing on the ledge itself; for that we are indeed grateful!

New videos can be found on YouTube here and here …

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