Welcome to the world, Migii

After many days of discussions, ideas, staff competitions and other arguments we finally decided upon a name for our new furball – welcome to the world, Migii !

Discussions were had with a local Wiradjuri aboriginal representative, Mr James Williams,  for indigenous names that we could borrow. Mr Williams kindly provided a few names that may be appropriate and we decided on using “migii”, which is translated as “lightning”. It was mainly chosen because of the lightning strike on the water tower 2 days before the chick was born (and by all odds should’ve been the death knell, but it brought us life instead), and it seems such an apt name for our little furball. A kind thank you, Mr Williams, and thank you also to everybody else for their suggestions!

Today we observed much pampering from mum for our inquisitive Migii. We also noticed that space is going to become a premium as Migii becomes more adventurous and two sets of wings may be tight. We have a basic plan and design for a new and much better roosting box for next season. It will incorporate improvements in viewing angles, space, drainage, overall design and provide more privacy for the inhabitants. In the mean time we will maintain regular observations and recording of the peregrines.

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