Today’s media coverage

A visit from a local Prime TV news crew this morning provided us with great media publicity and we appeared on television tonight, complete with stats, pre-recorded camera footage and some live vision courtesy of Cilla Kinross and the adult falcons. If you have broadband and are prepared for a long wait you can download the news clip here (17MB .mpg), but if you can handle a quicker downloading, much smaller version go to this link. We spent a few minutes out on the lawn focussed up on the nesting window before packing the camera away… 30 seconds before one flew in, squawking and in a seeming panic, but the TV crew did well and spotted the female up in the pine trees before she flew off again.

A climb up the tower this afternoon was required to restart the nest camera after some kind of power glitch, but all’s well again. We’re getting close to seeing some new little heads poking up! We’re all crossing our fingers.

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