Signs of courtship?

Diamond brought in the remains of a large, grey prey on 6th May and stashed it in the box. She kept coming in and out of the box – perhaps to see whether it was still there; I’m unsure. Anyway, eventually Xavier arrived and, very happily, took it away with him.

Now usually we see Xavier bring prey to Diamond during winter months as part of their pair-bonding process and/or to demonstrate his hunting process (the fact that he often forgets he is supposed to hand it over…hmm..doesn’t actually detract from that intention). And just occasionally (well, very rarely actually), we have seen a female hand prey to a male.

In the literature it states that females do bring courtship gifts to males, although less often than the reverse. But perhaps Diamond just does it differently ie by caching it in the box for him to find. I don’t know the answer, but it’s an interesting idea.

Here is the video: