Update on welfare of fledgelings

WE know that one is doing really well. Flying from tree to tree and even up to the tower. Being fed by the adults. Not hunting yet, and still a bit clumsy (dropped the prey at one point!).

But after a week I would have expected to see two fledgelings flying around and chasing each other and we’ve only spotted one. I did think I saw Marri the day after the fledge, but I can’t be sure and didn’t get a photo before she took off. I think the fledgeling we are seeing regularly is Barru (the male), based on size when he was in the same tree as his father.

The new tower cam had a few teething problems last week, but is now functioning really well. We may still make some more adjustments to it to ensure its stability. The photo above was taken through the cam. It shows the juvenile interacting with Xavier.

Note that, apart from the IT network team, I am the only one who can zoom and pan the webcam, so please be patient as I cannot be available 24/7. Best times are early in the morning when there is likely to be some falcon action such as this: