Two strong, healthy nestlings

1st hatch 2/10 0634

2nd hatch 3/10 1005

Videos of both hatchings are on the youtube channel. Both doing well so far. They can hold their heads up and can feed really well. Here is a nice family portrait of Xavier (male, left) and Diamond (right) and the two nestlings. I will put up a link for naming competition within the next day or two.

Here Xavier is having a short brooding time this morning before Diamond feeds the pair:

Males are often willing to brood chicks, but as with incubation, they are less effective at transferring heat as they have a smaller brood patch (where the feathers are shorter or missing). Some females are also not that trusting of the males with tiny chicks. That is obviously not the case at this site, however, where the pair have been together since 2016.

The third egg may or may not hatch. At this stage, there is evidence of a hole (pip). It’s not too late, however (last year there was a five day gap between hatches, although that is really unusual). Whether it does or not, I will put up the link for the naming quiz later this week.

Deliver of prey has been accelerated now there are more mouths to feed and Diamond has curtailed her hunting. She will start again once the nestlings can regulate their own temperature. Recent prey has included starlings (accepted for a change!), large honeyeaters such as noisy miners and red wattlebirds, rosellas (both eastern and crimson) and various other birds, some unidentified.