Prey species

I had a look at all the prey taken since this project began in 2008 and it’s quite varied. The most common species taken is Common Starling (mainly by male peregrines), then Eastern Rosella and both types of pigeons (the native Crested Pigeon and introduced Rock Dove). Those species that are introduced are shown with an asterisk, all others are native species.

I’m still collecting these data and have over 4000 prey items described, although not all identified. The prey often arrive headless, wingless, tail-less and featherless! Once the data are analysed later this year, I will prepare a paper for publication. I’m interested not just in the species, but also the size of the birds brought in by the male versus the female and selectivity i.e. are there species of the appropriate size in the vicinity that are NOT taken and why. There is a possibility that prey varies according to the time of year and size of nestling as well and that will be investigated.