Possible Rubus sighting

Despite much searching, Rubus had not been since my last post, but today has brought renewed optimism.

Not to get your hopes up, but this video appears to show the whereabouts of two juveniles at the same time. Chronology: Diamond is in the box and and Xavier is on microwave. Indigo land in the box and replaces Diamond. Another falcon (Rubus?) flies to the micrwave and Xavier leaves. Another bird flies from right to left (swallow?). I can’t obviously tell them apart from this distance, but it’s typical juvenile behaviour to chase adults. Interestingly, during our search this morning, we saw falcon leave a tree and thought it might be Rubus, but we looked at the ledge, I could no longer see Indigo, so assumed it was him. BUT it transpires Indigo was in the back of the box so not visible, so I’m now fairly confident that it was Rubus.