Incubation each year by gender

This shows mean number of minutes per hour spent incubating (when there was at least one ‘live’ egg) by the male and female during the years when data were collected. Note that the male did not incubate at night, so the duties were shared more equally during the day time. The standard deviation (ie the variability in the data) is shown by the error bars and is very high, but the gender differences are stark. So the annual differences for the female incubation is probably not significant. However, it does seem clear that the male in 2012 and 2013 (named ‘Beau’) spent less time incubating that the other males, Bula (2014-15) and Xavier (2016-2020). In each year there were three eggs, with the exception of 2012 (two).

There was also a small amount of time spent by each bird (mainly the female) standing over the egg, either prior to incubation or at other times, but the variability was extremely high and time spent in that activity rather low. The overall mean for females was 2.12 minutes/hour (range 0.56 to 3.07) and for males (1.16 (range 0.00 to 0.32).

NOTE: Feedback is welcome, but please do NOT DISTRIBUTE these data or graphs as they are preliminary results and not peer reviewed.