Let’s hope they are girls! Names have been chosen

Here are the names selected:  Venus and Gaia.   Let’s see if the graph will work. Sadly it doesn’t.  But here the votes.

Planet Votes
Earth 4
Uranus 5
Neptune 12
Saturn 15
Mercury 16
Mars 17
Jupiter 21
 Pluto 22
Venus 40
Gaia 42

Gaia is pretty neutral, although a bit feminine in my mind.  Venus is very much a female.    My recommendation is that, if we get two boys, then we go with Pluto and Gaia?  Otherwise we stick with what were the clear front runners.



2 thoughts

  1. Thanks Cilla! So Gaia is very clear and traditionally female. So is Venus, although the name sounds male (ending on …us). But I guess the poor male eyas will be named Pluto (makes me think more of a Disney figure than a planet ).

  2. Yes, Venus is a feminine name (she is goddess of love). Looks like we have male and female as last year. So welcome to the names Gaia and Pluto !

    (Btw, we had 112 votes in 2018 and 97 this year)

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