The waiting game

No eggs yet, alas, but the rate of prey drops has gone up rather dramatically, with four being brought in by Xavier the other day (two starlings, and two smaller unidentified prey).

Xavier with prey, possibly small honeyeater


He also caught a red-rumped parrot, but has not managed to bring in anything very large for a while.

Here Diamond is in her scape.  I’m looking for signs of straining, but nothing obvious yet.

After a snowy, freezing weekend last week, I am hoping for a clear weekend to catch up with some birding and gardening and that will give the peregrines good hunting time.  It’s interesting, however, how they still manage to cope even in foul weather.

The nest cam chat will be opening soon, by the way.  We will keep the ledge cam open for a bit as well, but as we are expecting eggs soon, most of the action will be in the nest for a bit.

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  1. I was going to update the site today…..with nice eggy videos, but it is not to be. The birds are still mating, so I’m guessing we are in for a rather late season this year.

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