When will they leave??

It seems that both Gaama and Budhin are back, although I haven’t seen them together, so cannot be 100% sure which is which.   Interestingly, the parents haven’t tried hard to dislodge them.  One or other of the youngsters can often be seen in the box or on the tower roof.   First set of photos are of Gaama (I think) chasing Diamond, whose retreating backside can be seen on the first photo.  Video can be found, showing first Xavier, then Di, both bowing, then Gaama:  https://youtu.be/3G7dRm0flDE


And here is the smaller juvenile, who we believe to be Budhin, returned after an absence (although it’s possible he was around before and we simply mistook him for Gaama – she is bigger, but not by a huge amount).   And the video of this is here:  https://youtu.be/01TgE0WP2gQ   It is quite funny watching the youngster playing with the dud egg (affectionately know as ‘Eggbert’).

I’m going to Sydney tomorrow and have a frantic weekend of field trips and music event, but will catch up early next week.





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  1. I’m starting to think Gaama has no intention of leaving – ever! Goshawkeyes2 made two very interesting videos of Gaamas’s visits to the box today (Thursday 14th), highlighting what I think is a really interesting behavioural shift in Gaama. It’s the first time I’ve seen it – is it coincidental that it has manifested since Budhin “reappeared”?

    Gaama appeared to be getting ready to defend the box against another bird, standing on the ledge and “mantling” to stop it landing (who was it that he was doing that to? “Newcomer” Budhin? A parent? It was pretty aggressive) and later in the day, doing the “welcoming” chups and moving to the back of the box as if expecting to host a welcome visitor. I’m especially keen to hear Cilla’s and others’ take on this behaviour.

  2. This morning (Tues 18th) there was another threat display on the ledge by a juvenile. I think we were all in agreement that it was Budhin this time. When Xavier arrived shortly afterwards, he looked rather “tense” (sorry to anthropomorphise, but he did seem a bit agitated).

    I see that Diamond has not returned to the box again tonight (becoming quite a regular occurrence – this is the second night running, and the third in about 5 days). Wondering whether it’s related to the level of juvenile presence (and apparent aggression). Are we seeing a takeover bid? What do others think?

  3. AND – on the morning of 19th there was an “interaction” on the ledge that GoshawkeyesII got on video. Diamond flew off when Gaama arrived at 9.48. When she returned at 11.03 to find G still faffing about in the box she was unimpressed, and let Gaama know. No threat display this time from our youngster – Gaama was dutiful, and did a bit of bowing(!) to Mum, then moved towards Diamond, who flew off. Here’s a link to copy & paste:
    Curiouser and curiouser…

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