Will Gaama break the record?

I went back and checked the records for the latest sighting of a juvenile and it turned out to be 13th Februay in 2016.   There were two females that year (Walga and Tumbler) and one male (Tardy).  I’m afraid I don’t know which flew past!   We’ll see whether Gaama can beat the date!


Interestingly, the adults have been bringing in prey again to the box for the first time in a while.   Here Diamond is checking and double-checking to make sure her stash (probably a pigeon) is safe.  Of course, it wasn’t safe at all.  As soon as Xavier found it, he nicked it.


Diamond checking on her stash
Xavier the thief


Diamond found it and there was quite a barney, with the prey being dropped, necessitating a retrieval scoop from Diamond!  The action is shown in the following video: https://youtu.be/ObqewQHSdKE


The next day, Xavier brought in a prey and handed it over to Diamond without a fuss.  He is quite a character, Xavier, and will get away with what he can, but he knows who is boss!

Xavier meekly hands over prey to Diamond


Now that the kids are off their hands (well, almost) rituals to renew the pair-bonding have recommenced with bowing and dancing.  Here Xavier is, unusually, calling during the bowing.  Generally he keeps low until she has had enough when she chases him out.  But in this case, he just left in his inimical way (Goodbye, cruel world).   Here is a nice video of the action, both in the nest and on the ledge:

VIDEO (NESTCAM)  https://youtu.be/asYHs6ogD7E and LEDGECAM:  https://youtu.be/EW-nIDXcUgA

Courtship ritual, with Xavier calling


Xavier’s ‘Goodbye Cruel World Exit.


And finally, in this video you can see all three birds, including Gaama, making a dramatic, if brief, appearance:   VIDEO – trio:  https://youtu.be/MpG-aqIspSM








3 thoughts

  1. I watched many peregrine falcon pairs with the same bonding rituals everywhere and wonder what this “dance” and bowing means. I’m not sure female chases the male but he decides himself to leave and Xavier is the best expert for “good bye cruel world” exits of all !

    And yes, we will see if Gaama breaks the record, 9 days left to know.

  2. I think Xavier’s stealing of D’s prey was revenge for the prey of HIS that she nicked a couple of days earlier! They are such a funny pair.

    Thanks for the update, Cilla – things may be winding down for the season (I imagine when (if?) Gaama leaves it will be even quieter) but there’s still plenty going on in the tower.

  3. So… I’m writing this on 13 Feb. It’s now 100 days since Gaama and Budhin fledged, and Gaama has visted the box 3 times today and spent quite some time making his presence known.

    The 2015 chicks fledged on 16. 17 and 19 Nov. Final Juv sighting was 13 Feb 2016. Depending which juvenile it was who was sighted that day, it was about 88-9 days since fledging.

    Sooooooo – THE RECORD WAS BROKEN OVER 10 DAYS AGO! Wheeeeee! PS I think Gaama wants to hang around the tower forever.

    7:55 PM
    shines​Gaama and Budhin fledged on 5 Nov and it’s now 100 days since they fledged….

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