End of Stage 1

This might be my last post for a while.   I’m heading off to Hawaii tomorrow for two weeks, holiday with my daughter (who lives in Washington state) and her family, so I’m handing back to Scott, at least for a while, to manage the website.  Thanks so much for all valuable input, especially during this trying time without recording software.

I’m pretty confident Marragaay has gone.  We think the fly-bys yesterday were probably kestrels, not peregrines.

I now have 5 full years of data, plus an additional breeding season, so I think I probably have enough data for a publication or two, so will ease off the data capture and focus on data entry and analysis (Stage 2).  I have applied for a grant to help sort all the images for prey identification.  Fingers crossed on that one.

I was hoping to get six full years (three with Swift and three with Diamond), but Scott let me know recently that the recording software is still proving very difficult to reload, and the effort of using a manual screen recorder 24/7 is taking its toll, so I think it is time to pull the plug, so to speak.   So I won’t be collecting detailed data from now on, just major happenings.

I cleaned the box and cams today and Diamond was not all happy and hasn’t yet returned, but she will.   If the box hatch gap gets worse, let Scott know as I can’t do anything about it now.  Unlikely to be a problem without juveniles in the box.

The youtubes are fantastic.  I’m very impressed, especially with the additional four hours replay function.   I’m not sure what this means for the future of the website (which is managed and paid for by Scott, not me).  Is the chat room sufficient?   I prefer the website because I can go back and look at the feedback from informed falcon watchers over the years and it provides quite a nice diary of major events.  Scott has put a huge amount of work in designing and managing it.   And there is less ‘chatter’.   But what do you think?

And here is a photo of a peregrine at Bathurst (about 60 km away).  I think it’s a female.  And of course it could be one of our offspring from previous years, but lack of banding permission means we will never know!

Photo by Hugh Gould, Bathurst

So all the best.  I’ll have a peek in to the site from time to time to see if anything exciting has happened – return of Bali??



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  1. I always like to go back through posts on this site. I particularly enjoy looking at the wonderful photos of you with Snow – I knew little about peregrines back then and the size of him came as quite a shock!

    Have a lovely break and we’ll look forward to seeing you back on here at some point.

  2. Have a wonderful holiday Cilla 🙂

    Feedback re youtube – LOVE the video and audio – it’s great to be able to “rewind” and re-watch! Thanks, falconcam folk!!!

    The chat though – I despair at times. It could be a very useful tool but it seems to be hijacked quite regularly by a group of kids who have more interest in name-calling and bullying each other than in watching/talking about/learning about the falcons. I guess it will always be a problem in an unmoderated space… I’m just a grumpy old woman, ha ha!

    Getting a bit concerned about the growing gap in the hatch at the back of the nest box. Hope tonight won’t be too windy!

  3. I like to leave a message here, because English is not my main language, so I can not type instantly and quickly at youtube.

    Thank you for everything you do and enjoy your holiday, Cilla. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Scott, for getting that hatch closed today! 🙂 I hope you were able to put your feet up afterwards.

    I know Cilla said Diamond was “not happy” about Cilla cleaning up – but she must’ve been REALLY REALLY cranky about it if last night’s and today’s extended absence is any indication! Wow, those birds really know how to hold a grudge! *grin* Hope they reappear very soon!

  5. Hello from Hawaii (Kauai) Thanks to Scott for closing hatches. I only opened one, so not sure how other one opened. When I left on Tuesday night, Diamond was on top of the tower, so not far away – have neither of them not been back in the box? Usually the absence is only for a few hours after disturbance.

    For some reason, I have not been able to access the site as editor, so won’t be able to start new threads. Probably not a drama as presumably only temporary while I’m in USA.

    I noticed a thread on youtube from Scott on Jan 4 saying that Diamond was arriving with an injured wing. Did anyone see this? Presumably all okay now. The youtube wouldn’t open, so I can’t check it, but it nearly gave me a heart attack until I saw the date.

    Bye, off snorkelling today. Let’s hope for some turtles.

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