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It looks like we’re finally moving in to the 21st century at FalconCam Project. Today we began trialling a new technique to get the two camera streams out to the real world, via YouTube Live. Initial tests show all systems are go, after plenty of technical work in the background. A really HUGE Xmas thanks to Ayden Beeson at CSU in Albury NSW, who completed the task of reconfiguring the cameras & switches to allow feeding to YouTube Live today. It means we can almost do away with the streaming server which has become redundant in this new config. For now we’ll leave it running until we know all’s well!

YouTube has a vastly greater capability to handle high connection loads so we should hopefully have far fewer dropouts. We will still be running 24/7 but the test will be any future campus power outage and how the streams react. We will hear from the software quickly if there’s been an issue. YouTube also means that every type of o/s e.g. Android, Apple etc, can now enjoy the live streams. We’ve also configured audio, but typically, soon as we had the ledge cam streaming, all signs of life in the eyrie flew off!!

For the temporary trial, YouTube Live feeds will be posted to the CSU camera pages ASAP. In the meantime you can connect here:

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Our Axis cameras have been loaded up with a really smart piece of software from Camstreamer. It works by connecting the Axis camera directly with a streaming server and cuts out the middle man, being the encoding server. One less link in the chain to let us down. We have another 11 days of trialling before deciding one way or the other. The really big down side is the cost per camera for the app, which will clean us out. So if there’s anyone thinking of helping us out that hasn’t already, now would be a great time to join the fray!! 😉

Other progress

Cilla was happy to be told today that our reliable Milestone surveillance server has been rebuilt and just needs an updated licence from Milestone to be operating again. Same server, new HDD. Over the coming months we will look at improving our disaster recovery model for this unit, which has run 24/7 for about 4 years now. We may look at moving to “SSD” drives instead of the traditional hard drives, to improve access speed and processing power. This will depend on available funds.

So, all-in-all, a successful day for the Project. Let us know your thoughts on the YouTube Live streaming capabilities. We think it’s the way to go. Thanks again to Ayden B for his awesome help today and to CSU DIT for allowing us the bandwidth to broadcast the peregrine falcons to the universe!

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  1. This is brilliant news. I really hope it all works to plan!

    Happy Christmas to you, Cilla and our gorgeous feathered stars!

  2. [img][/img]
    There’s other falcon in the back – off cam

    8.30 am Dec 22
    WOW! This is great on youtube.
    a falcon flew in
    a 2nd flew in
    they faced each other nearly off cam
    they one left – the other in window

  3. In over 2 years of watching many cams of falcons, ospreys and eagles I have never posted until now.
    Your youtube streaming is fantastic!!! I check in every day and this year has been difficult with freeze ups. We can even back up several hours in youtube. Before if you clicked on the screen it froze.
    Awesome!!! Thank you to Cilla and everyone involved!
    On your map I am the little dot south of Morgantown WV, USA that checks in although I am actually a little north of the airport.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  4. Good news for the future of the project. What Scott didn’t mention was the cost – about $1000, which we don’t have in our account, so any donations would be welcome.

    I have applied for a grant today, but that’s for a research assistant to do some forensic work on the prey items – I’ll put those details up in a separate post if I’m successful.

    I had a run around the usual roosts this evening and caught up three birds (both adults, plus Marragaay) on the tower and got some reasonable shots (it is quite high!), which I’ll post over the weekend (I have to reset the screen recorder every few hours still….).

    I haven’t seen Bali for two days since his rejection of the red wattlebird, so it’s possible he’s gone. I do have some gaps in the data, however. I’ll have another look around in the morning.

    And all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

  5. All your hard work has come good, so easy to capture footage, this just a quick grab on my tablet just now …
    Thank you both so much for all the enjoyment, excitement & great updates … have a good Christmas & a happy, healthy New Year!

  6. Just to let you know that I’ve lost admin access to the website to start new threads. So I have some photos and videos to put up, but can’t do it. Hopefully it will be okay in a day or two. My screen recordings go for about 13 hours (2 GB) max, then need re-setting. I’ll be checking 10-11 pm at night and the same time again in the morning to change the recording, so I can let you know if there any Bali sightings, or anything else of interest.

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