Bali brings in some prey

No, I can’t tell whether Bali killed this himself (and I’ve no idea what it is).   Probably not, as it is very well dressed, but it is another milestone for him.

Here he comes, screeching and mantling

VIDEO 20171128 Bali brings prey

Marragaay still has not returned to the box, if she has been there at all, which I now doubt, but I did see her this morning in the dead roost tree (without Bali).   He and Diamond spent most of the night together quite companionably on the night before last when there were storms.

There is widespread rain coming to Orange, starting with thunderstorms tonight and some heavy falls Friday and Saturday.  I hope they have stocked up as these can be lean periods for the birds.

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  1. I caught up with both youngsters yesterday evening in the same tree. Diamond was in the box and, although I’m sure she knew I was there, she stayed put. I did take photos, but the light was terrible, so they are pretty much silhouettes.

    Unfortunately, I’ve lost contact with both the webcams and the recording software today, so have no further news, but am about to ring Scott to see if he can help. There might have been a power outage.

  2. Just had a wonderful experience of all four peregrines flying over the Girinyalanha (woods opposite nest), with juveniles chasing adults and tumbling over in the sky. I had the ruckus from my office! Unfortunately, Diamond spotted me and became agitated, so I left after a few piccies.

  3. No streaming so far today (Thursday) either 🙁

    Wonderful to know the falcon family life is running well. That must’ve been quite a sight.

  4. I currently have no live streaming nor recording software, so updates are going to be tricky. But I can tell you that Marragaay was in ‘their’ dead tree last night and I’m just going to nip down and have a look before heading home.

    The live streaming should be back on, but for some reason I can’t access it.

  5. Thank you for the information of Marragaay! She likes the tree, doesn’t she?
    And Bali is not in the box tonight… But D is in. It’s good.

    I wish your streaming and recording software will be back soon, Cilla.

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