Retirement of our old IR illuminator

Apologies for the lack of night vision again. We kick-started the 10-year-old IR camera the other day but it’s fallen over again. The new IR unit hasn’t arrived yet but when it does we’ll figure out a carefully choreographed method to swap it over without disturbing Diamond too much. No easy way to swap though, as the viewing hole has no cover and is open to the birds. It will have to be handled delicately, and probably with some disturbance, but we’ll need to see nightly activities from now on so it’s a necessity.

Please hang in there with us. It’s all reliant on when the new IR unit arrives now. In the meantime Diamond is probably enjoying some much-needed total darkness to snooze in, and no shenanigans in there!

cows in field talking
Does this apply to the falcons in the darkness?

4 thoughts

  1. Blimey. Is it a quick job? As much as I’d love to have night vision back I don’t want to risk anything going wrong for the birds and the eggs.

    Many thanks for the great job you continue to do for your lovable feathered family and their huge audience!

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