Xavier up to his usual tricks

Xavier is now bringing prey (tiny scraps; impossible to identify) quite regularly to the box.  But I still haven’t seen him give anything to Diamond.  Here he arrives with a morsel when Diamond was already in the box.  Aha, I thought, finally he will give her something…..but, no, he barely lands before skittering off again.  Mind you, Diamond often arrives with her crop full, so she is looking very well fed and he has stashed prey from time to time.


VIDEO   20170708 triangle (1)

Xavier also spent a night in the box, which is very unusual; I can only guess that Diamond had a night away as I doubt if she would tolerate him in there all night, although she often finds him in the box when comes to the box well after dark.

The weather is very cold and dry and we are getting quite desperate for rain.  This could affect the availability of prey, but hopefully there will be a change soon.   The frosts are making for rather spectacular frosty mornings, however.  Here Xavier is landing at about 8 am.

VIDEO  20170711 X frosty morn arrival

I have to go to Sydney on Sunday for a few days, but will try and post the following Friday if I’ve caught up.

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