Flypast barely causes a ripple

Two mapgpies fly quite close to the box today and Diamond watches closely, but barely twitches.

VIDEO: 20170504 AM flypast

One does often see stouches between mapgies and raptors, but not often with falcons.  It’s wedgetail eagles that they really get stuck into, which is odd as eagles generally focus on mammals as prey.

Australian magpies are large, feisty birds, rather unlikely to end up as peregrine dinner, but nor are they likely to chase peregrines out of their nest.

One thought

  1. Poor wedgies seem to cop it from many quarters, don’t they? I wonder what it is about birds that makes size seemingly irrelevant at times. (Just thinking about the way small birds feed enormous cuckoo chicks and seem not to notice how enormous and different they are.) Was quite amused to see a poor wedgie flapping over my place with a masked lapwing in hot pursuit (but then, an angry masked lapwing has the same effect on humans, I suppose).

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