Bula does two hour stint

Although the live cameras are still working, the links between the webcams and the recording software are now both down, so I only have live visual.

But I can tell you that Bula has been on the eggs for over two hours as I noticed him coming in at 1420.  Hopefully this just means that Diamond is having a good feed somewhere, but it is rather unusual behaviour.   Whoops! He’s just left

I have to go to a meeting this afternoon, so will have to leave soon, so if any of you happen to notice what time madam (or Bula) comes back, I’d be VERY grateful.  I’m assuming that once the software is working again, I’ll have the recordings, but I’m not sure.

It’s been much warmer and sunny, but there is another major rainfall event forecast this weekend  – and cold.


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  1. Actually its infrared light now so there is no colour and she is in a tight little ball so there is some assumption on my part that it is Diamond….

  2. I’m pretty sure it was Diamond yesterday evening when I got home and switched on at about 5.57pm. and there was no ‘changing of the guard’ before the switch to night-view.

  3. You are right – that’s Bula, not just brighter, but a deeper, slightly more orange colour on cere and feet.

    Thanks for your help with timings; nest camera is now linked again, but I lost some data; hopefully ledge camera will come back after the major upgrade tomorrow (see Scott’s entry).

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