Storms and cameras

Orange received a sizeable wind and rain storm overnight and most of Orange and the Central West suffered a couple of power outages across the evening. It appears the streaming cameras may still down but are checking them today and will report soon.
I’ll be borrowing an office out at Orange campus over the space of the next couple of months to allow upgrading of current software apps (client and server) and for closer monitoring of the goings-on in the eyrie, so hopefully we’ll be able to react more quickly this season (thanks kindly Heather, Head of Orange Campus, for permission!). The first change to make will be to downgrade the screen resolution on both cameras – the higher resolution is giving us much better quality images but has slowed down camera streams. We then have to upgrade some internal software including the Milestone surveillance system, and convert the current Flash-based camera streams over to HTML5 from Flash, as Flash isn’t supported on Android or Apple and it appears Google Chrome (easily the largest browser population nowadays) is about to drop support for Flash as well. We’ll need to test first but will hopefully have these changes in place soon. In the meantime we’ve found that the Puffin Browser on Android devices can render Flash as good as the real thing. We haven’t tested Puffin Browser on the Apple devices yet, so if someone has tried it let us know how you went – thanks!

As happens this time of the year the two adult peregrines have been making a noise above campus and around the water tower, with lots of reports of apparent squabbles going on up top, but it’s all for the sake of courting and mating. We’re crossing fingers that there will be eggs around the beginning of September (and hopefully nicer weather!).


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  1. I’ve had a lot of issues getting in over the past week but noticed it sometimes, sometimes doesn’t work. I’m actually thinking what is happening now is the night camera is what I’m looking at that is working for me and the day time which I rarely get to look at isn’t working for me. I’ve upgraded everything and I can quickly get the night time stream tonight. My work computer is an Apple and at first all I got was a green screen but once I realised what I could see was a faint outline of Diamond. I clicked on nest camera, then back to ledge and it worked! I clicked back on nest and I could see that too. Not sure if it would work for everyone, but that’s how I look at it on a Mac.

  2. PS Thanks all … I’m hopeful I will actually get some falcon cam viewing this season.

    You do a terrific job … congrats for an excellent last season and all the best for the one ahead.

  3. And I have a few problems as the software isn’t working well, presumably due to the storms, so have some gaps in the data. But nothing much to report as yet, except for a funny period when Bula came and went to and from the nest-box THREE times with a tempting morsel in his claws, but never found Diamond at home. He arrived shortly afterwards minus his prey, so presumably ate it himself or found her ladyship up a tree!


  4. First egg! Congratulations all! It was hard labour, poor dear. Hope the next egg pops out more easily.

  5. OH no … how did I miss it? I looked in this morning about 7.30am .. Yippee I knew it had to be soon she kept going back and forth and seemed jittery. How exciting!!

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