Tumbler flies true

She’s off and with a really good flight plan, flew straight over the roost trees and then out of sight – probably landed near the front gate, perhaps.  I’ll have a look for her when I go into town later (I have a community class on sustainability to teach this afternoon).

And she's off
And she’s off

20151119 Tumbler flies well 9

Yesterday afternoon, I had a good look around the ‘park’ where the roost trees are, plus the area with the pine trees that you can see to the left of the screen, and the paddocks adjoining those trees – no sign of either of the youngsters, but much angst from Diamond while I was doing this.  Both parents were either roosting in the eucalypts, or on the tower (while not chasing me around).

At least there were no birds on the ground as far as I could see (some long grass about, however), not any suspect feathers.

I’ll have another look later this afternoon and then again tomorrow morning before heading to Sydney for weekend conference.

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  1. Another beautiful fledge! I hope all three are OK; I wish we had a sighting. They certainly took off looking quite competent for newbies.

  2. thank you Cilla for checking up on babies. soon i hope to hear they are seen flying with parents! Diamond and Bula raised quite a family-

  3. is that Dad having a snack in the nest box?? feed the babies first Bula- this is so comical! Mum probably flying around crazy watching after the kids

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