ABC Central West radio this morning

FalconCam Project appeared last night on local Prime7 & WIN TV news and again on local ABC Central West radio this morning, via our great Project friend, Kia Handley (tune in every morning to hear Kia at her very best!). You can listen to the interview and read the article on the ABC Central West website to hear what went on. Thanks again, Kia for your awesome enthusiasm for these peregrine falcons and the 3 new little bobbleheads; they really appreciate your coverage and excitement (they told me to say that)!

3 thoughts

  1. Really enjoyed this interview! You’re getting some great coverage.

    Bula is just finishing what has been a really good feeding session – he’s really got the hang of parenting and has turned out to be quite paternal! I think it’s a real bonus when both parents feed the chicks.

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