ABC TV regional News, and ABC Radio Central West visits

It’s been a big week for FalconCam Project, most notably the three brand new offspring in the “Concrete Hilton” gracing us with their presence, who are all looking strong and healthy and amusing us all in the live cameras. Last night ABC TV News included Ryan Malcolm’s segment from earlier last week – thanks heaps Ryan and JJ for a well edited, written and comprehensive story for the Project. It’s available on iView but also on YouTube via a lesser quality link (courtesy of our own recording!).

And Kia Handley, the morning presenter for ABC Central West Radio visited this afternoon to run up a story. ABC Radio have been fantastic, lively and enthusiastic supporters for the last few years and, like Angela Owens before her, Kia’s a dead keen, knowledgable supporter. You can catch her show each morning on local ABC Radio and will probably be airing today’s interview at 10.10am this Wednesday morning.

Incidentally last week’s website visit count more than doubled the previous best week about 3-4 years ago (nearly 6000) – thankyou to all our followers from all over the planet (& possibly further beyond?); we take it that FalconCam Project is providing good info, knowledge and imagery about this amazing bird species.

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  1. It’s wonderful that your project is getting such good press and it’s even better to know that more and more people are viewing our lovely birds. I must say that I enjoy watching them year-round even though I do struggle to fit them in when it’s the osprey season here!! Keep up the good work, Cilla and Scott.

  2. Great ABC report on your nest project, vid came across well & really good to see the pair of you in the flesh!!
    Quote of the day from Cilla … ‘Oh, there’s an Ibis’ struck an amusing note with me given that here in UK many of us flock excitedly to whenever occasional Glossy Ibis sightings are notified via various means, such an event!!

  3. Well, if it HAD been a glossy ibis, I would have got more excited too, but our white ibis (sometimes called sacred ibis) is very common, often found in urban parks eating people’s sandwiches. It was mentioned in one of our texts that a peregrine had been known to take an ibis, which is fairly extraordinary, considering the size difference.

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