Visitors, night flights and a choke

Just back for a day between trips.  Caught up on 10 days webcam.  Found the box still regularly used, but lots of gaps, perhaps leading to a cheeky kestrel making a couple of inspections.

11_01_2015 AK visit 3

Then Beau made surprise visit at 1 am to the box, staying until just before dawn.  I’d be interested to know where Swift was during this time, as this is only the second overnight visit in over two years.  He was soaking wet, but I haven’t noticed that either of them use the box to escape storms (as I would!).

14_01_2015 Beau night arrival wet 4

There is still considerable amount of pair bonding, although Swift’s response is a bit lacklustre, often appearing to get bored, turn her back or wander to the ledge.  Sometimes he ‘clucks’ and she ‘keens’.  Not sure what that means.

She also managed an amazingly clumsy landing a few days ago. 14_01_2015 Swift clumsy landing 7


And, more worringly, Swift has a bone or feather (?) stuck in her gullet/beak.   Last night she was up half the night choking, but didn’t dislodge it.  Mind you, I’ve seen this happen before and she always manages in the end.

17_01_2015 Swift gagging 4

Off to Sydney tomorrow, so hope she gets herself sorted.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Cilla. I did wonder if that was Beau on the ledge when I switched on the camera that evening – it looked a bit on the small side to be Swift.

    That terrible landing of Swift’s explains a lot – she looks like she’s bashing the top of her left wing as she falls forward. She was holding that wing earlier this week as though it hurt, though she’s currently preening it vigorously and it now seems OK.

    Have a good trip to Sydney and we’ll look forward to hearing from you when you get back.

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