Food fight

Aspro has been showing some aggression over food and in this instance won a battle with Swift over a tempting morsel.  I’ve noticed that food bringing has already started to slow, so the chick is probably getting a bit hungry.    Aspro is certainly making short work of any food coming his/her way (tending to her, based on size).

tug of war
tug of warrk


5 thoughts

  1. Aspro has left the nest, but from what I read on the BCAW forum, it may not have been voluntary but rather due to a gust of wind.
    Swift is sleeping in her usual corner, she doesn’t seem to be upset. That can mean two things, either Aspro is okay, sitting somewhere nearby on a branch perhaps and Beau is watching over or she/he is no longer alive. I really hope it is possible for people at the site to go out and look for her as soon as it’s light again.

  2. Aspro is 38 days old – is that too young to fledge? I hope s/he is OK. I was very surprised to see Swift alone in the box!

  3. Just a bit too young to fledge but by only a few days. Typical is +/- 42 days old. I am sure Aspro was strong enough & developed enough to safely fly / glide to safety. We have seen this scenario many times with our Pefa baby’s here in Canada with a 100% success ratio. But we will keep our talons crossed anyway. Good Luck little Aspro.

  4. Much anxiety amongst us watchers in the UK and the US. Unfortunately I couldn’t cover the crucial period. I do hope that Cilla will have time to review the footage soon and that a search party is already on the job.

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