odd behaviour from Aspro

Thanks to Clare for alerting me to a bumper food day this morning.  So much in fact, that after Beau brought in a whole adult starling (probably pretty tough) it was left untouched by any of the birds for quite a well – EXCEPT for the fact that Aspro decided it needed brooding and sat on it for over six minutes before shifting away a bit.  Admitted everyone was recently fed, but I was curious to see that when Beau brought in another prey item, which looked like a pigeon (though I can’t be sure), Swift arrived, snatched the prey and fed Aspro and also tucked in herself.    Later she left the nest-box with the starling, presumably to be eaten in the relative peace and quiet of  the roost tree.


Aspro 'brooding' starling
Aspro ‘brooding’ starling

10_11_2014 Aspro broods star 2 10_11_2014 Aspro broods star 3 10_11_2014 Aspro broods star 4 10_11_2014 Aspro broods star 5 10_11_2014 Aspro broods star 6


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  1. By the way I’ve frequently wondered why the cams don’t come complete with sound. Is it due to there being no way of having a mike the birds can’t get to?

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