FalconCam camera issues

Apologies to all about the problems with the cameras at the moment. Working from distantly offsite it appears the big storm that’s passed through Orange may have taken out power supply to the cameras and/or campus and we won’t be able to confirm until later on this evening. Not the best time to get a power outage, but it’s in the lap of the gods. As long as Swift and the little’n are still OK. Some of the “old-timers” around these parts remember the direct lightning hit on the tower a couple of days before our first observed chick, Migii, hatched against all the natural odds. Migii went on to be quite a star and taught us plenty about peregrine falcons, no doubt defying many more lightning near misses along the way!

We’ll be back up as soon as we can ascertain the issues, or can find someone to blame 🙂 ……..

UPDATE: we may well be out for the next 10-12 hours (8-10am AEST) or so until we can ascertain the extent of the power outage across campus. We’ll have IT staff to help re-connect around that time and hope that no equipment has been damaged in the storm. Nervous times…..

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  1. Do you have an update on when the camera will be back online? I think it’s about 8:40 am your time.

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