more quiet times together & pesticide

Beau and Swift have spent several long periods (56 and 73 minutes) together now, quite quietly, with little interaction.

In fact, in this case20140930 dozy Beau with Swift, he seems to be asleep (or just very, very tired boy) while she stands guard.

I’m off to Sydney today to the Fenner conference on the environment.  Back late Friday night, so hopefully Scott can keep an eye on things.

Quote for pesticide testing is $A110 (ex-student of mine, so good price), so will do this, but will wait until other two eggs safely hatched.    There shouldn’t be any nasty pesticides in the area.  Australia is fairly strict about these things, but you never know.




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  1. Many thanks for the update, Cilla. That capture of them both is so beautiful!

    I hope your conference goes well.

  2. What a wonderful thing to wake up to 🙂 Congratulations everybody!

    I think this is the first egg laid, the pale one, easy to recognise. That would make it 36 days from laying to hatching.
    (They did start full incubation right away, so this is the right time frame. 😉 )

  3. ‘Tis such wonderful news indeed & ‘our Scylla’ here has captured a vid of the moment, we are so lucky!

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