Promising signs for the peregrines

We should be getting close to seeing eggs, if they’re going to come this season, and this afternoon Swift  has spent plenty of time checking out her scrape, pulling in some gravel and basically arranging the eyrie to suit her needs. She is certainly learning how to relax again in familiar surroundings. While Cilla and her team has been compiling very valuable data over the past few months the Project team is back on duty and will be monitoring the situation on a daily basis, checking footage, watching for behavioural changes and patterns and looking forward to another furry bobblehead season ahead!

The weather hasn’t been too kind recently but the rains have generally stayed away. Orange is about to burst in to early Spring colour and this presents good signs ahead for a breeding season for all the local regional bird species.

Season 2014 about to begin
Season 2014 about to begin

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