…. 100,000 hits and climbing!!

Thanks to all our supporters and viewers over the past couple of years the FalconCam Project website has shot past the 100,000 hits mark and heading upwards. It’s been a couple of years in the making but it’s a credit to those who have stuck with us over the past few breeding seasons and made the Project so worthwhile. We’ve learned so much about peregrine falcons, and along with the pretty good technology we’ve employed (even if we say so ourselves!) we’ve amassed a large resource in news, reports, photos, video clips. It’s effectively now able to be taken on as a research project for anyone looking for the right tools and study objects.

With the recent restructure to the Project team roster we’ll still be able to keep the Project going in to the future, and many have voiced their excitement that the next breeding season isn’t too far away now – possibly starting July, almost certainly August, and now we’re able to bring live imagery to the outside world in high-definition on both cameras which we’re quite proud of. Cilla has been busy in the depths of the university making video clips, studying high-colour and high quality photos and video, and I’ve been fine-tuning the electronics and getting the falcon word out there. We have a couple of local talks coming up and will advise when we have these confirmed.

Thankyou to everyone for watching, commenting and following FalconCam Project – much more to come!!! Beau and Swift thank you … we also have some new developments planned for this website – TBA.


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